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Hi, I’m Jeremiah Selengia, a Tanzanian-born Visual Designer who grew up in London, went back to Tanzania, lived in LA and am now based in NYC.

Leveraging my exposure to different cultures, not only enables me to understand and interpret various motivations but gives me a rich perspective to take an idea and mold it into a beautiful, functional experience.

I've been designing digital products for several years, and have been fortunate to work with clients such as YouTube, NBCUniversal, American Express, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, JPMorgan, EY and more.

Here are a few projects I've worked on over the past few years. I collaborated on a thought leadership book at Moment titled "The Design Management Office." Before that, I worked on a redesign for a leading digital consulting firm, managed to exercise my branding chops designing a new brand and visual system for Wheels for Humanity and re-imagined a new brand for the Tanzania Tourism Board. I also created some t-shirts featuring characters from iconic films, well iconic to me that is.