A Digital Consulting Company

Visual Design, Art Direction, UX

I was involved in redesigning the brand and website of the digital consulting branch of the company. The goal was to refresh the brand to look and feel more like a digital company rather than a financial firm. It was vital that managers who are coming from predominately the corporate sector, are still able to navigate and enjoy the site experience alongside potential hires. 


After exhaustive research with internal stakeholders, user-mapping, and scenarios. Our team of three designers sketched and wireframed some concepts. Not only did we set out to create a visual emotive site for our audience, but we also wanted to create an everlasting experience. One where one page takes you to another content area of the site.

We achieved this by layering the two content types of the site in such a way that whether you are reading a thought leadership article or understanding a case study. You can easily navigate between the pages on the site.