Editorial Design, Art Direction 

John Devanney, a Managing Director here at Moment introduced a concept called the Design Management Office, or DMO. At its core, the DMO helps companies scale and structure their design teams to provide the maximum possible value back to their organization and drive change.

Over the past year, the DMO concept has been talked about and implemented with various clients. But, over the last few months a group of us decided to design and put together a book or should I say guidebook, that can be a valuable resource for Product Design Managers.



We gave ourselves an ambitious deadline, complete the guidebook and get it printed in two months. The tight deadline forced us to adhere to strict deadlines and move quickly with every aspect of the design process, this proved to be the right move, and we learned a lot about our process and collaboration.

We have published the first edition (prototype), which will be revised and improved in the coming months, incorporating valuable feedback from those who will be using this resource.  


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