A New Brand for Tanzania

Visual Design, Art Direction, UX

Growing up in London, I vividly remember seeing Kenyan commercials for safari holidays and trekking Mount Kilimanjaro. The Kenyans at that time dominated the East African tourism market; if you wanted to go on a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation and see the animals from the Lion King roaming free, the travel agent would point you towards Kenya. They did such a great job marketing that people thought that Kilimanjaro (the highest free-standing mountain in the world) was in Kenya. It is not.


Fast-forward to 2016 and people still think Kilimanjaro is in Kenya, although a quick Google search will tell you otherwise. Still, tourism in Tanzania has increased pretty significantly. From 1995–2014, the number of annual visitors to the country grew from 285,000 to 1,113,000 according to the World Bank. But that number is tiny compared to South Africa, who in 2014 drew 9,550,000 visitors.

There are many things the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) can do to reach those South African numbers. I’m here to talk about one of those, a new brand starting by looking at the logo. A good brand creates an image of trust and quality; it is memorable and shows commitment and pride. You want a potential traveler who sees your brand (whether it’s the logo, website or banner ad) instantly picture roaming lions in the Serengeti or just sipping cocktails watching dhow boats drift into the sunset in Zanzibar. 


The Objective: Refresh the brand to better reflect a different Tanzania, an emerging tourist destination with a rich, peaceful history, and dynamic people; create awareness around the potential to have a brand we can all be proud and excited. 

The Concept: I wanted to represent Tanzania historically and to do that you have to go back to 1964. Tanganyika and the Zanzibar Archipelago merged in 1964 to become what is now known as The United Republic of Tanzania. The unification of the two entities was the basis for the concept of the brand.

Logo Mark: Using simple, geometric shapes, the logo mark is derived from the name of the country. Tanzania, is often referenced as the mainland, hence the horizontal green bar representing land. And since Zanzibar is part of an archipelago it is shown as the Pacific Ocean which surrounds the island.   

Logotype: The logotype is a custom font simply made up of a circle and rectangle. The circular shapes are taken from the wave which represents Zanzibar and the rectangle from the mainland icon.


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