Wheels for Humanity

Visual Design, Art Direction, UX

While at Strategy& I had the opportunity of working with a great non-profit organization who work tirelessly to educate, empower, promote and provide mobility to people who need it the most across the world. Like so many non-profit organizations, branding is often put at the back of the queue. That being said, we helped them on the way to a rejuvenated logo and a set of brand and engagement guidelines.


The refreshed logo is typeset in Neue Haas Grotesk, a timeless, modern font - fitting for the vital work of UCP Wheel. The refreshed mark represents an abstract wheelchair, comprised of quarter segments which depict the four core programs of UCP Wheels.

The mark development is visually represented in three steps – displaying the transformation from a wheelchair icon to a full circle, and then to quarter segments which are arranged to create the final mark.

The refreshed brand language references UCP, yet is distinct and uses the new logo to create abstract, bold patterns and interesting image croppings.

Fonts: Lato, used as a headline font, is friendly, unique and web-friendly. The distinctiveness of the characters displays especially well in bold and in large font sizes for headlines and statistics. Arimo, used as a text font, is a redrawing of Helvetica and is modern, clean, and also web-friendly. Because of its classic characteristics, Arimo works well for copy, text, and descriptions.

Colors: The colors are a limited palette from the UCP brand (removing the green), with a slight brightening of the yellow.

Pattern: A unique pattern references the mark and may be used as a graphic treatment or background in marketing materials. It should be utilized only for distinct features (i.e. as a divider graphic in a featured article in a newsletter) and works best in the UCP Wheels yellow.

Circular Cropping: Photographs and UCP Wheels colors can be cropped with large and small circles featuring beneficiaries and interesting quotes or statistics.