Blavity News site redesign

Visual Design, UX, UI

"Hard hitting and culturally relevant news, insights, and commentary, from voices unique voices across the Diaspora. If it's happening in the culture, you'll find it at Blavity: News online."

As the statement above states, Blavity News is a site primarily for and from black voices. And being black in America, it's a refreshing necessity. However, as a designer, I felt the site experience was lackluster and dull, compared to these vibrant voices.

I wanted to redesign the site without altering the brand, but rather refresh the visual components and general site flow. Enhancing the user flow between the main content and articles, with curated images. The site is more inviting and feels professional.

iMac Mockup Copy 6iMac Mockup Copy 6
iMac MockupiMac Mockup
iMac Mockup Copy 4iMac Mockup Copy 4
iMac Mockup Copy 5iMac Mockup Copy 5

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