JPMorgan Traders Dashboard

Visual Design, UX, UI

Working with existing data and tools used by bond traders. Our team designed an application that better-interpreted data, thus making it more useful. At the same time creating a centralized customizable dashboard that gives the trader, smarter information empowering them to make better and more timely trade decisions.

Primarily my role was the visual designer, working within the JPMorgan brand and two dashboard modes (Night and Day). Leading the UI effort in envisioning how this new dashboard of tools would look and feel. 

To understand the pain-points of the trader we shadowed and interviewed the traders, in addition to critical stakeholders. We also had lengthy discussions with data scientists to interpret the meaning of different datasets.

After that, we delivered an extensive brand brief including the strategy of the platform and how the widgets of the customizable dashboard worked together and independently. I also created a design specification document which I walked through the developers.

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