JPMorgan Traders Dashboard

Visual Design, UX, UI

The brief was to work with existing data and design an application that will give the trader smart data that will empower them to make better trade decisions.

I was the visual designer in a team of three, the other two being UX designers, although our roles intersected between the two disciplines. We spent a couple of months learning about bond trading and the trader’s usual workflow. Through shadowing the traders and extension interviews with the major stakeholders, we were able to understand and deliver an extensive brand brief.


After that, the following months were spent with data scientists, bond traders, stakeholders in designing and delivering the application specs to their development team in London.

We created an interface where traders can input a bond and in real-time see all the relevant information about that bond at three different detail levels. Bond traders of two types, high-frequency traders, and high-value traders. High-value traders, trade fewer bonds but at a much higher value, whereas the high-frequency trader will execute a trade in a matter of seconds, eventually trading a considerable amount of bonds more.

So the dashboard which is made up of interchangeable widgets can be customized to a view that gives the trader the right type of information depending on what type of trader they are or simply their strategy for the day.