Customer 360: Customer Activity Journal 


My role: UI/UX Design, Visual design

My team: 2 Senior Designers, a Product Owner & Dev team


The Customer 360 (C360) portal was used by 8,000+ sales, servicing, and risk colleagues to enable the best customer experience every day. A key part of accomplishing that vision is knowing your customers (individuals and businesses) and having a holistic understanding of those customers.

C360 is an American Express-wide capability that provides a global enterprise view of entities (that have or had an American Express relationship with at least one product or service globally), comprehensive customer insights, and linkages for consumer, merchant, and commercial accounts. This tool fundamentally improves how colleagues interact with and service American Express customers.

One of the main goals of C360 was to decommission related legacy software solutions used by American Express colleagues and incorporate their functionality into our portal. The Customer Activity Journal (CAJ) is an offering that incorporates legacy tool functionality in a better, more user-friendly way. CAJ helps the C360 user understand an individual or business's account activity through demographic, linkage, and risk data. The goal of the product offering was to see account activities and events in a specific timeframe to better serve the American Express customer.